Gateway to HE students take off!

Known for his fun and engaging classes, Dr Steve Gascoigne aims to help students on our FREE Gateway course to develop the skills needed to study for a degree at the University of Warwick.

Making paper planes might not be the sort of activity you’d usually expect to do at university but in these photos and videos you can see Steve and his students doing just that.

Steve says, “Here we are demonstrating ‘Fordism’ – assembly work done on a moving conveyor belt. This is a popular way to mass produce all sorts of items from cars to phones. It’s quick and it’s cheap and that means items can be sold for less and profit can be higher.

“In our class we demonstrated this by making paper aeroplanes. We first made planes individually and timed how long it took, we then sat in a row and made them as if on a conveyor belt in the hope the time would be less and so the cost would go down.

“The results weren’t quite what we expected but that was probably because we needed more paper aeroplane training – we were certainly keen workers”, he added.


Gateway student, Alison Conway, said that she enjoyed the session, and that this method was a great way to learn about the process of Fordism.

She said: “The session was entertaining and really funny. I enjoyed myself immensely, despite being ‘sacked’ early on for being too slow! But more importantly it helped us understand what Fordism was all about.

“I am totally delighted with the Gateway course. It’s a great way of combining listening, learning, and thinking, whilst having fun along the way.

“My aim is to complete this and go on to do a degree in Social Studies. It’s hard work, but a very enjoyable experience nonetheless.

“I would say if you are considering the Gateway course, come along to any events, read the student blogs, watch the videos, and hopefully it will inspire you to join up too, as it did for me.”

More about Gateway to HE

If you have been out of education for a period of time or do not possess the qualifications that are traditionally needed to go to university, the FREE Gateway to HE course could be for you. Successful completion of the course will guarantee you a place on The University of Warwick’s BA (Hons) Social Studies Degree.

Our next daytime Gateway programme starts in November 2017, with classes running on Tuesdays between 10am-12.30pm. Places are available on a first-come-first-served basis. For full course details and to apply, please visit our website.


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