PG Student: Sue Adcock blog #1

A snowy start to the University Christmas holidays…for some anyway. However postgraduate students do not always follow the university term times. The course I am on is the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), which is a level 7 course concentrating on teaching in the Further Education and Skills sector. Consequently, as we are in placement, we follow the college and school holidays. Just another week and a half to go then! Still the snow has left me feeling very Christmassy and tomorrow in college I shall be sharing Christmas Dinner and ‘secret Santa’ with students and colleagues. Let the fun begin.

The course has been fun and challenging, in a good way, in equal measures. Trying to fit in assignment writing and lesson planning pulls in all my skills of time management learnt as an undergraduate and in the world of paid work. It is worth it though and I am really enjoying my time with the students. I will be working with a couple of different sets of students next term with two different courses, which I am looking forward to and then I will work across the courses in the summer term in preparation for exams.

During the summer holidays I had the pleasure of working with the Academic Technology Team and have continued to on an ad-hoc basis. This team help others to use Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment. It has been great fun and I have loved getting to know this, potentially, fantastic resource. Working part time and during the holidays has been great for building my CV. It is important not to ignore this aspect while you are busy studying and it is easy to sign up to Unitemps to take advantage of any opportunities that you might be able to fit into a busy life.

Those who are familiar with my previous blogs will know I am also a Student Ambassador and Digital Mentor. I am continuing with these roles as I am even more committed to telling people about the opportunities available to the at Warwick, as well as helping those that need it with the technology. One of the people I introduced to the Gateway course, is getting ready to start a degree course at University of Woolongong in Australia (he is a citizen of Australia as well as Britain). So, you never know where a course might lead you!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!

About the Author

Sue Adcock 2
Sue Adcock is a paid PG blogger for CLL
She is currently studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (FE & Skills Sector) and was a UG blogger while studying for her 2+2 BA(Hons) Social Studies degree. You can read her past posts here. 

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