PG Blog: Sue Adcock #3 January is over!

Teacher and students in classroom

Well that is January over! I have to say this is probably my least favourite month of the year. Maybe it is something to do with being born in the summer but the days seem to be so dark and cold, or it is snowing! My Mother enjoys the winter months however and looks forward to her birthday at the beginning of February.

When I wrote at the beginning of the month my husband had suffered a TIA (mini stroke). He has regained full fitness and some and is, thankfully, able to drive again after following the one month no drive ruling by DVLA. He is frantically running around getting things sorted out before going to Australia at the weekend, as well as saying goodbye to various friends and family who he may not see again for some time. Just hoping it does not decide to snow on Sunday and hold things up, as he is booked onto a course the day after he lands and needs to enrol at his university. All good fun! I will be visiting him at Easter, my favourite time there as it is not too hot and quite a few of the scary poisonous things have hibernated.

Life as a student is hectic. I am enjoying the teaching and finding fun ways of embedding learning. Although I am teaching adults returning to learning it doesn’t mean we can’t play games as a way of learning new things and encouraging independent learning. This week I did an activity for students to identify their strengths for working in a group. This way when working independently the students can draw on each other’s strengths to accomplish a task successfully and potentially with less conflict.

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Sue Adcock is a paid PG blogger for CLL
She is currently studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (FE & Skills Sector) and was a UG blogger while studying for her 2+2 BA(Hons) Social Studies degree. You can read her past posts here. 

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