Gateway Blog: Steven Lock #1 It’s about time…

I have been interested in getting back into education for years but thought it was too late and I had missed my chance. Besides, I’m too busy, I haven’t got time, it’s not the right time, sound familiar?

I’ve enrolled on the Gateway to Higher Education course at the Centre for Lifelong Learning. How do I fit it in? I still work 48hrs a week and I still have the same commitments at home. Well, I have learned to plan and prioritise. Write down your weekly schedule and have a look at it, or better still get a friend to check it out. You’ll get a more objective view from someone else. The chances are it’s haphazard. Look for gaps and duplications. Here are some efficiencies everyone can make:

Prioritise, do the essential tasks first.

Group similar tasks together, especially those that involve travelling.

Get help, don’t do everything yourself, trust others.

Have a break from social media, turn off your notifications, even if it’s for just a couple of hours a week. Have you missed anything important?

Eliminate distractions, have some TV free time.

Have a place for everything and be disciplined.

Make a plan and give it a try, you’ll be amazed how much time you are wasting.

About the Author

Steve Lock

I’m Steve Lock and I’m on the Gateway to Higher Education at CLL. I’m not an academic, I’ve been employed in practical roles throughout my working life. I’ve been in the Armed Forces and now work in the Emergency Services. My next personal challenge is education, have a look at my blog to see how I’m getting on…..

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