Gateway Blog: Steven Lock #3 Exercising your brain

I’m no athlete but I enjoy a bit of exercise, in our modern busy lives it’s often the first thing that is dropped when we have time pressures. I’m suggesting exercise should be higher on our priority list. There can’t be anyone left in our society that doesn’t know about the physical benefits of regular exercise, we are bombarded by it from every angle. But what about exercise affecting your studies. Increasing the heart rate through moderate levels of exercise increases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the body, that’s more fuel for your brain. If you have reached a mental brick wall in the latest essay assignment, take a break from it, but don’t reach for Facebook, Twitter, Netflix or YouTube. Do a few minutes of gentle exercise. Take a brisk walk round the park, get some air, or if its cold and wet outside do some jogging on the spot and stretching, or dust off your old exercise bike have a pedal.

When you get back to your work you’ll feel energised, be able to focus and concentrate more. It works for me so why not give it a try. Let me know how you get on.

About the Author

Steve Lock

I’m Steve Lock and I’m on the Gateway to Higher Education at CLL. I’m not an academic, I’ve been employed in practical roles throughout my working life. I’ve been in the Armed Forces and now work in the Emergency Services. My next personal challenge is education, have a look at my blog to see how I’m getting on…..

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