PG Blog: Rose Leek #9 Looking outside of Higher Education

Just before Easter I attended a student conference held by the Career Development Institute (CDI). The CDI is the single UK-wide professional body for individuals working in careers education, covering those based in information, advice and guidance, career coaching, career consultancy and career management. The conference brought together careers education students all working in different sectors, and provided us with talks, workshops and a panel session, on different aspects of careers work and research.

Attending the conference, two points struck me about what I don’t know, and why I want to keep learning.

  1. While I work in education, I am not familiar with the careers work being delivered to children and young adults ahead of the choice to attend university. Neither am I familiar with the work in supporting adults outside of education, or young people with learning difficulties. For example, Gatsby Benchmarks were an unknown to me, as was the work carried out by organisations like Talentino, for young people with learning difficulties. As someone supporting undergraduate students, I am unaware of what discussions and learning around employability our students have had prior to starting their degree.
  1. I had felt the need to solely focus my learning about career education and development on Higher Education. Of course, my studies and focus will continue to be in this area, it is a part of the education community I enjoy being in. However, conferences like this allow me to see that to keep widening my awareness of careers education is beneficial and enjoyable. Instead of seeing different areas of careers support as completely separate, hearing the work others do, such as in schools and adult guidance, shows me how career development and education can weave in and out at different stages of an individual’s life.

I would recommend that if you are completing this course, or another area of careers studies, to look at what opportunities there are for conferences and events, relevant to you as a student.


About the author

Rose LeekRose Leek is a paid blogger for CLL.

I relocated back near my hometown last year in Surrey, after a decade living near the sea in East Kent. I work in a University Employability & Careers Centre, assisting engineering and science students onto a placement year as part of their degree, and providing administrative support to their academic tutors.

I started the Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education (CEIGHE) in October 2017 and am looking forward to developing a wider awareness of the service I work within, and increasing my confidence and understanding.

I have experienced a year with lots of change, and it is both exciting and daunting to be adding studying back into my life. I have never written a blog and my reasoning for doing so is the hope that it will help me to better reflect on, and share, my experience as a CEIGHE student. My course is mainly distance taught, with a few residential workshops per year. I wanted to also try to share the perspective of being a distance student, and how I will (hopefully!) learn to juggle the balance of study, work and home.

I look forward to the journey ahead!

And if all else fails, maybe the cat can do some of my studying for me?







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