Gateway Blog: Steven Lock #4 My wife makes great sandwiches!

Returning to study is an inspirational experience. In our group of a dozen or so students I’ve heard the words “stimulating” empowering” and “liberating.” All true, but to experience these things you need to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the learning experience. Chat with your fellow students, listen to their stories and their motivation to return to education, there will be similarities to your own experiences, this will help you to focus on your own end goal.

Returning to study will take up some of your time and make some changes to your normal routine. It would be good to have your close friends and family on board, so if you need a helping hand sometime, you know where to go. If you’re on a roll with your latest assignment or getting into some fascinating research it would be great if someone else could pick up the kids, do some cleaning, nip to the shops, walk the dog, or better still………. make you a sandwich.

About the Author

Steve Lock

I’m Steve Lock and I’m on the Gateway to Higher Education at CLL. I’m not an academic, I’ve been employed in practical roles throughout my working life. I’ve been in the Armed Forces and now work in the Emergency Services. My next personal challenge is education, have a look at my blog to see how I’m getting on…..

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