The Best Educational Journey

Teacher and students in classroom

Looking back on my year of training, since starting September last year to now, I feel like I have come a long way on this course and I am feeling very good about coming towards the end of the year.

Firstly, all my students’ work is up to date, which is a great way to finish a year of training. Secondly, I have encouraged all my strong learners to apply for jobs and the weaker learners to go on to other courses at the college that can offer further support, which is such a positive for them to have a structured plan after completing the course and working hard all year.

Due to the nature of my class, none of my students have exams. They instead have a folder that contains all their work from the year that has to be completed. I always tend to go over what has been previously taught in classes before to ensure learners have learnt something and are able to leave with a certain set of skills for jobs or further education. This is really important to me and a key part of my lesson planning.

Looking ahead towards the summer, I am very excited to finish this year of training and start the variety of volunteer projects I have set up. The PGDE year has been a real positive for me, I could even say, ‘the best educational journey’ I have had so far.

About the Blogger

Katherine is a trainee teacher on our PGDE course. She works with SEND students, teaching employability and life skills.

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