It would be very exciting to stand in front of a group of students, teaching the next James Dyson

When people ask me why I chose FE as a career over the well-known route of secondary or primary, there is never just one straight answer. They’re multiple reasons which influenced me towards a career in FE, one being the students in FE and the other, the flexibility of working hours.

Students’ who enter FE education are primarily 16-18, however, ages can vary depending on the subject you teach. I felt that students beyond secondary school age would be more mature and interested in the subject they had chosen to learn and the hours I could work would allow me to continue with my jewellery career on the side, a role which I had been working independently in after graduating University in Jewellery Design and Relating products. Another reason was because I want to help young people to see how beneficial and exciting it is to go into a career in Design. Design is the future it would be very exciting to stand in front of a group of students, teaching the next James Dyson, (industrial design and founder of the Dyson Company) or Thomas Heatherwick, (designer of the 2021 Olympic cauldron.)

So far, I have really enjoyed learning about teaching and the theory that can be applied to the lessons and lesson plans. But it’s not just about the theory and planning, in-fact the best example I have for when I have really enjoyed the work I have been doing is when I first introduced the students to the jewellery workshop area.

Here, I was able to share with students not only my academic knowledge from my degree but also my professional, specialist knowledge from working in the industry. All of the students were able to create their own rings, which really helps with your own motivation has a trainee teacher. These moments are experienced in all teaching sectors, wherever with older students in FE or even as young as primary, but it is finally that moment when your student’s success reminds you: “I can do this! I will be a good teacher”.

My future in teaching right now would be staying in FE, although I have considered secondary education also. My main goal is to gain QTLS so I am fully qualified. I also plan to go back to making jewellery more as I have had to put it on hold during this course to concentrate more on my teacher’s training.

About the Blogger

Jewellery designer Chloe, is studying PGDE (FE and Skills) currently with the Centre for Lifelong Learning. She currently teaches Art and Design with a focus on 3D design.

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