“FE felt like an environment that allowed learners more freedom, flexibility and oozed creativity.”

I remember FE being a real turning point in my own education. FE felt like an environment that allowed learners more freedom, flexibility and oozed creativity.

It is such an important sector in terms of a learner’s educational progress and journey. At this stage, students are making decisions about their future and are encouraged to think in more depth and explore extensive knowledge of their chosen subject. As a teacher, it allows me to encourage the passion learners have for the subject and deliver the subject more thoroughly. It’s inspiring to be part of that journey and have an involvement in such an important time in a student’s life.

In primary and secondary sectors, subjects are not always explored in such detail and learners may not wish to pursue it in the future. However in the FE sector, environments are tailored to the subject choices of the learners, therefore often suiting their preferences more than traditional classrooms and offering the facilities to explore their subject in more detail, such as in vocational or practical subjects.

Before starting the PGDE, I had gained a first class degree in my subject and worked professionally in the industry in that field. This is a great help, and in FE, industry experience is incredibly valuable. My academic background, alongside the training and support at Warwick, has really helped me develop as an FE teacher Training on the PGDE course. Overall the course at the University has been an amazing experience. The tutors are so passionate and knowledgeable about the sector that you find yourself constantly motivated and inspired to teach in it. The knowledge I have gained has been invaluable and has led me to gain such a deep understanding of learning that I am now able to feel confident in helping learners to succeed in the classroom.

This has led to some memorable moments in the classroom. What people across all education sectors call a ‘Lightbulb moment’, when you realise are you are really making a difference. One of the best experiences so far has to be a day in placement when my learners had just finished their exam. It had gone very well for them and they were so joyous. I remember filling with pride for them for not only their achievement but also their progress. Moments like that are amazing.

My future plans are to stay in the FE sector, I am currently applying for roles in FE and hope to teach in this sector full time.

About the Blogger

Hannah is training to teach in the FE sector on the PGDE (FE and Skills) course.

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