Three-word Story Challenge – National Storytelling Week

The students of the Centre for Lifelong Learning were asked to take part in the three-word story challenge as part of National Storytelling Week. The challenge encourages users on social media (we used Facebook) to take part in only sharing three words to create a story. The list of three-word sentences are then joined together in the order they are submitted to create the narrative. Our story, which focused on the topic of Westwood Campus turned out to be quite the amusing and really showed the creative imaginations of some of the CLL student body!

“Westwood campus is
My base for
Digging for buried
Knowledge and the
Squirrel of destiny

Sometimes I find
Precious treasure that
Has been dropped
In lecture halls
Painted in Nutella

And washed down
In Costa Coffee
With water due
To the lack
Of youthful fountains

141028 campus 3
But plenty of
Tea and cakes
And lonely squirrels
And magpies flying
Dodging massive conkers

Conkers shouted to
Me that I
Could do this
With my handy
Pencil case which
Had chainsaw functionality

And my laptop
I held aloft
Like Bodicea reborn
Rampaging through the
Wild and windy
With an endless
Supply of procrastination

Distracting from me
Work. Whilst Netflix
Blindfolded me and
Made me drink
Gallons of gin.
Standard Saturday Night!”


Are you interested in joining our CLL community? You can find out more on our website. 

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