Bake the World into a Better Place

This year, Warwick will be holding a Well-being Week between 4-8 February 2019 to communicate key messages on well-being, including healthy lifestyles, physical health and activity, mental health, financial well-being, and sleep and the support and facilities available at the university. Find out more from the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team.

Why baking?

Baking is seen as both a form of self-expression and also a type of mindfulness. The whole process, which requires attention and repetition can have a calming, meditative quality to it. Science has also suggested baking can help release feel-good endorphins for the brain, as all your senses of stimulated from the feel of the product during preparation, to the smell of their cooking in the oven.

Baking can also help communicates feelings, such as expressing or care, love, especially when baking for someone else. In many cultures, food is seen as an expression of love, helping people who struggle to express their feelings. In conclusion, picking up a mixing bowl and getting to work can help us feel accomplished, loving, happy and can help contribute to your sense of well-being

What brought you to start baking?

“I have always enjoyed baking. My earliest memories are baking with my mum and sister. My favourite part was getting to lick the spoon and bowl clean (and I still do!) We used to make fairy cakes and scones. The smell also has a lot to do with the enjoyment as well. The smell of my Mums warm fruit cake filling our home, with mixed spices, yummy! I do lack patience when it comes to waiting for the cake to cool down though. A warm scone or apple cake is my food heaven.”

What is the last thing you baked and why?

“Brownies, but not just any brownies, mint chocolate aero! For lovely CLL colleagues. I have been experimenting with different brownies for a charity bake I do each year at work. I have made brownies with Ferrero Rocher, Oreo and Biscoff spread. Someone suggested mint aero and I have to say I think they are the best yet! Next, to try I think is double-decker brownies…”

How does baking make you feel?

“Baking for me provides me with a task to complete, one which I have to concentrate on to get it right. So if my mind is trying to juggle a few things all competing for my attention it just allows my mind to focus on one thing and have some time out from all the other things going on. It provides a sense of achievement at the end of it which makes me feel like I can accomplish more and tackle other tasks. It’s not often that I bake for myself. My creations are mostly shared with work colleagues at CLL and family. It is very rewarding to see the smiles on their faces as they tuck in. Personally, I think a little of what you fancy does you good!”

About the blogger

Karen works as a Receptionist and Admissions Assistant at CLL.

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