Welcome to our new application forms!

Applying for a course online:

For our 2019-20 academic year, we have moved to online application forms as part of an initiative to work towards a paperless admission process. By using less paper, you can reduce your impact on the environment, such as limiting the number of trees and forestry cut down and produce less pollution and waste. However, we are also aware that moving to online applications is a big change for our student body and applicants, so Natalie, our Web and Communications Co-ordinator is here to help!

What are the differences in the online application compared to paper forms?

Technically the only differences between the application forms are the platform they are on. Some of the answers are provided in drop-down lists and the personal statement section is split into parts now rather than one large document. We are hoping this will make the personal statement exercise a lot easier for applicants and less daunting.

When using this new system it’s important to remember the form cannot be saved and returned to. Therefore pre-writing your personal statements, getting comfy and giving yourself plenty of time to complete and submit will make the process smooth.

Will any other part of the application process be treated differently?

No, applicants will be treated the same and will have the same communication with the admissions team as they have done in previous years. However, you will now receive an email confirmation of your application being submitted to the university, which will give applicants reassurance.

What if I do not have access to the internet?

Don’t worry! They’re plenty of options for people who do not have access to the internet at home or who may struggle with using a computer.

Firstly, there is always access to the internet at Public Libraries which you can use for free as a member of the public if you do not have internet at home.

The Centre for Lifelong Learning also offers Digital Skill Mentor sessions to the public at Tile Hill library in Coventry for people who may struggle using a computer and want to gain further skills and confidence with computing and certain software. Please find more information about this here:

Once you are on the course, there is plenty of access to computers and the internet across campus. For example, we have internet (WIFI and Ethernet access) in our cafes, the University library, classrooms and study areas. We even have access to the internet in our green spaces so you can get online wherever when you’re at Warwick!

Our computer area and the library also have computer access with a range of software. If you are struggling to make an application, please contact a member of our admissions team who can help guide you.

Where can I find support in making an application online?
Our website is set up with helpful tips and guidance on applying to the Centre of Lifelong Learning. Visit our Where Do I Start? page. For information on starting an application and also our Apply Now pages for advice on choosing a suitable reference and Guidance Notes.

We also have a very friendly admissions team who will be happy to answer any questions via phone or email. clladmissions@warwick.ac.uk or call 02476524617

Where can I find these new application forms?

You can find them on our website! Our course pages link to application forms to make it easier for navigating through the process once you’ve decided on your route.

If you’re on our course pages, you can find the application form by pressing the ‘Apply Now’ button on the right-hand side and also in the drop-down section of ‘How Do I Apply’. If you’re using your mobile, the ‘Apply Now’ button will be further down the course page under the information regarding the course. You will be able to spot the application button by the purple button.

You can also apply directly on our How to apply pages, which list the courses and application forms.


For further tips on how to apply, please visit our website page: https://warwick.ac.uk/study/cll/yourwarwick/start/ for more information.

About the blogger

Natalie is the Web and Communications Co-ordinator for the Centre.

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