Training to be a Psychotherapist

I will introduce myself so you have a bit of a sense of my background. I have been working in this field since qualifying as a counsellor over 25 years ago, followed by training as a psychotherapist. I have always been interested in a range of Psychotherapeutic approaches, believing an appropriate blend of what is helpful and genuinely therapeutic for clients is key to meeting all clients where they are and offering something which will make a real difference to their experience of self, others and the wider world, whatever their levels of distress or difficulty may be. This perspective is reflected in my experience of teaching on psychotherapy and counselling courses in university settings, from Integrative to Person -centred, Psychodynamic and Jungian, while also drawing on other valuable approaches, from Experiential to Cognitive. I am experienced in therapeutic work with adults, children and young people across a range of client needs and settings.

This approach is reflected in the teaching and research interests across the Counselling and Psychotherapy course team here in the Centre for Lifelong Learning, where there is a deep knowledge base on the centrality of the therapeutic relationship, alongside interests in phenomenology, existentialism, psychodynamics, archetypal processes, cognitive approaches and creative therapeutic methods (amongst others) all reflected in the content and teaching on this programme.

This is an exciting time to train as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. The field is growing all the time as many sectors of society come to realise the importance of mental health and supporting emotional well-being. There are developments happening currently such as the SCoPEd project which involves the national accrediting bodies (including UKCP which accredits this course)  working together to clarify further the professional structure of the Psychotherapy and Counselling field in support of standards and employability. We are confident our courses will equip students with all they need to grow rewarding careers as  Psychotherapeutic Counsellors, or Counsellors.

About the blogger

Dr Phil Goss is Director of Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes in the Centre for Lifelong Learning, where he oversees the BACP accredited Person-centred Counselling and Psychotherapy Foundation Degree and BA (Hons) and UKCP accredited MSc Psychotherapy and Counselling. He also teaches on other counselling and psychotherapy courses as well as supervising Master’s studies.

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