The National Spring Clean – CLL tips

Friday 22 March 2019 marks the National Spring Clean, which will run until 23 April 2019. This year, the theme is #LittleHeroes, which focuses on improving your local environment. Many activities across the country will be taking place to mark the occasion, such as litter picking and safe disposal of litter from our streets, parks, and beaches, driving us all to recycle as much as possible.

Following the #LittleHeros theme, set by, our current CLL students and staff shared their tips on how they are helping the environment this spring. 

“Cycling to work”

image1 (16)

“Recycling old clothes at charity shops, (and buying more clothes at charity shops)”


“Giving up cling-film for lent, reducing plastic waste”


“Only buying high-quality clothes that will last, so I’m not throwing loads away” 


“Living on a boat!”


“Take the kids litter picking, to encourage children to be aware of waste.” 


“Not keeping the tap running whilst brushing my teeth.”

tap-791172_640 campaign video: 

For further tips on how to apply, please visit our website page: for more information.

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