Reflecting on the PGDE year so far…

Having taught in both secondary schools and sixth forms, I have found the sixth form sector to be the most challenging for the students.

This can be a very crucial point in their education, a time which can influence their future career.

I choose FE for two reasons; one is my passion for Psychology, but also because the students at this level have a passion for their subject and have chosen to stay on to progress this. Specifically, I have really enjoyed teaching my students about mental health disorders, it’s something very relevant to day to day experiences of individuals within society, a topic that in many cultures may not be acknowledged.

Reflecting on my PGDE year so far, I would say I have enjoyed both my placement and my time at university. The students I work with are very ambitious and passionate about their studies and thus it has been an enjoyable experience. University has allowed a balance between both placement and theory and allows us to share our experiences with others on the course and seek advice from our tutors.

FE is a really practical environment which focuses on active learning to keep students engaged. Lessons must be adapted to encourage this engagement, be relatable to their future career paths and also stretch the students to reach their full potential. A good lesson is one which not only teaches a student the subject but also encourages them to utilise and gain skills which are applicable to working environments.

After finishing my teacher’s training year, I hope to find a job in a college or sixth form teaching Psychology.

About the Blogger

Our Trainee Psychology Teacher, Rakeya is training to teach on the PGDE (FE and Skills) course

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