Stay on course at Warwick

The start of term is rapidly approaching and if you’ve decided to join us as a new student you might be thinking about how can get the most out of your time with us.

While your course tutors and classmates will be able to provide you with a great deal of day to day support and help you keep motivated through those cold winter days but the Centre and the University can also offer you help and guidance – personal and academic – to keep you on track with your studies.

This year, all first-year undergraduates will complete the Get Ahead study skills toolkit. This will introduce you to essay writing, evaluate your study strengths, and help you get to grips with using digital technology. You’ll then have the option to sit down with a Skills Mentor to map out an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to help build new skills and strengthen old ones.

Your ILP will introduce you to the study skills support that the Centre and the University offers. The University has a wide programme of skills workshops and online courses open to all students, and the Library can provide you with referencing and literature searching support.  In the Centre, we also offer a mix of skills workshops, drop Q&A sessions, and writing events that are tailored to your needs as a mature student – look out for the CLL student newsletter for full details at the start of term.

We can also support your wellbeing needs. The Centre has a dedicated Welfare Officer, Elaine, who you can speak to about practical study advice to managing your time, transitioning to Warwick or coping with issues of confidence and or anxiety around your studies. And Warwick has a Wellbeing Team who offer one to one counselling, workshops, and practical advice on staying well whilst you study.

If you have a spare half an hour before joining us, why not visit the University website and investigate else is available to you – don’t forget to check out the Students’ Union, Student Funding, and Careers!


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