I was nervous to submit the paper but I received a lot of support through the University.

An interview with Clare Hinde, a student on our Early Childhood degree course, discussing the recent publication of her paper by the Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network. 

Big congratulations on your paper being accepted for publication! Would you mind telling us a bit more about the content of your paper?

The paper discussed how theory relates to practice. Specifically, in this case, how understanding Attachment Theory can help a practitioner support a child with Attachment Disorder and facilitate their learning.

What sparked your interest in this area?

I have been working with a child with Attachment Disorder for over a year. The opportunity to utilise innovative strategies, to understand the effect this type of trauma can take on a child’s brain and understand the theory has resulted in this particular child being more relaxed in the school environment in turn leading to progress in their learning and social and emotional well-being.

What does it mean to have your work recognised by The Early Childhood Studies Degree Network?

I was nervous to submit the paper but I received a lot of support through the University. When I was informed of the decision by ECSDN, I was delighted. I feel very proud and it has given me confidence to explore other opportunities that may be available.

How would you say studying at CLL has helped you with your research in this area?

CLL provides an invaluable supportive network, within a great University! There are many resources available to you to take advantage of. Every tutor, and my own personal tutor, have all provided me with their support, knowledge and advice.

What would you say you have gained from your studies here at CLL?

My own personal skills have been stretched as well as academic gain. Being able to manage home-life and work-life and yet still incorporate study into your day has been something I have had to learn to do. However, because the modules are so interesting and challenging, it is a pleasure to be so busy! In addition, I have new found confidence in my work due to knowledge gained through study. I feel able to contribute to discussions in school and during professional meetings being able to draw on the expanse of topics investigated through the degree.

Working in a school is completely different for me as my career to this point has been based in the corporate sector. Obtaining this degree provides me with an opportunity to pursue a different career, a life-changing experience.

What have you enjoyed the most throughout your time here?

I have made some great friends on my course and it has been an absolute pleasure to study with like-minded people who share your own goal.

I enjoy coming on to campus to study to be a part of the University community. I particularly enjoy visiting the University library and find this space a great place to write assignments.

Have you thought about what you’d like to do when you finish your degree with us?

I am currently applying for a Schools Direct PGCE placement and plan on becoming a teacher. There may be a chance of returning to Warwick University to study for a Masters … time will tell!

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