I wanted to be responsible for my own brand, to help others get to where they wanted to be and to be seen as someone reputable.

Rebecca Mander completed our Diploma in Coaching and has since launched her own business, Guruyou Coaching. Rebecca also won the Solopreneur award at Woman Who Achieves awards in 2019. We recently caught up with her to find out more about Charlie’s Star and the work she does with clients facing adversity. 

Hi Rebecca, would you mind starting by telling us why you chose to do the Diploma in Coaching at CLL? 

I wanted a diploma that would be recognised as reputable. Coaching is an unregulated industry and I wanted to have a professional qualification. One from such a high calibre university was really appealing and I am always very proud to say where I have my diploma from.

What did you enjoy most about the Diploma?

The three way coaching skills practice and meeting some wonderful guest tutors.

What advice would you give to people who are considering applying for the Diploma?

Go for it, the tutors and support is incredible.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career history prior to doing the Diploma?

I was an MD of a manufacturing company following a short career in BA as a manager. I had worked my way through sales manager and director roles and was asked to be MD in 2008. The economy crashed, we lost our CEO in a car accident and our MD left along with a major customer and supplier. I had to build the company back up from scratch and it was a huge, exhausting learning curve! I loved the people side of my role, performance mgmt, HR and anything involving my team.

You’ve since made a career as an entrepreneur: how did that happen?

I was asked to be coached for a training video at Warwick Uni and in that one hour conversation, I knew I wanted to do something more worthwhile. I decided to become a coach and do all the best bits I loved about my role and forget the bits I didn’t like, such as finance and office politics. I began working with schools but soon found that financially I would not be able to grow my business without a huge amount of effort. I won a place on the incredible Natwest Accelerator Programme and have managed to retain it for the full three terms available. My mentor there was from a PR company and helped me see I needed a niche and to put my business experience to use.  I realised that my imposter phenomenon had been preventing me from approaching corporates and business owners. That conversation again changed my career. I was asked to speak at an awards ceremony, and write the chapter of a book on successful businesswomen! I pivoted and now count one of the UK’s largest banks and successful law firms amongst my clients! I still have a long way to go -2019 was all about building my profile…2020 is about earning a salary!!

Why was founding the company Guru You important to you?

I wanted to be responsible for my own brand, to help others get to where they wanted to be and to be seen as someone reputable. The company name is a reflection that everyone is their own specialist.

What advice would you give to students who might be looking to start their own entrepreneurship?

Don’t think that if you have ran a business then it will be easy. Sure, your knowledge will help but ask for mentor support and don’t be afraid to set exciting goals. Visualise what you want and then put into action that which is required to make those goals come to fruition. Get onto a programme that supports entrepreneurs, they are free and will accelerate your growth a lot faster. Basically, don’t do this on your own. You need a tribe, if you are not on a programme then ask 5 or 6 people to be in your tribe…ie share your stuff on Linkedin, offer advice and coaching for the odd coffee and be your inspirers.

You work with clients who are facing adversity and dealing with difficult personal situations and have developed the Charlie’s star model. Would you mind telling us a bit more about how the model works?

The star is designed to support clients in making difficult choices and moving forward during challenging times.

Firstly, think of the cross roads you are at. Maybe you simply are having a tough time and don’t know how you are going to move forward. Maybe you are in a “shall I or shan’t I” situation. Take some time, a pen, quiet space and a nice cuppa and sit down with Charlie’s Star.

The Admirer

Think of someone who really admires you. Someone who looks up to you.

What would they say or do in this situation if they were in it themselves?

What strengths do they see in you, how have they seen you use these in the past?

What would they advise you to do?

Notice how this makes you feel, even if it is uncomfortable and write it all down in the point provided.

The Inspirer

Who inspires you? Famous, past or present- a relative or a friend, colleague or boss…it’s up to you! Your Inspirer may change depending on the situation. If you are facing challenge as a leader it may be a business person, but if it’s a personal issue as a sister it may be a friend you know.

What would they do if they were in your shoes?

What advice would they give you?

What strengths do you admire in them and how could you use these yourself in this situation.

Write it all down.

The Firer

What is the worst that can happen if you move forward the way you are considering?

What is the worst that can happen if you do nothing.

The Hirer

What is the best that can happen if you move forward the way you are considering?

What is the best that can happen if you don’t do anything.

The Enquirer

What do you need to learn or know to be able to make this decision?

Who can you speak with to get more information to help you


In the middle of the model you can see a mini star, write in here what you are going to do next as a result of completing Charlie’s Star!


Finally, how would you say the Diploma impacted your career?

My Diploma was the foundation I needed to become a coach, it was the base of all my learning and some great signposting to further reading and coaching research. I am always so proud of my diploma because there are so many qualifications out there and yet mine came from a highly thought of institution. I also talk…a lot…so the person-centred approach enabled me to consider my part in the coaching conversation and the effect my personality would have on a client, making me more self-aware and self-critical than I may have been on another diploma.

Find out more about Guruyou Coaching here: https://www.guruyoucoach.com/

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