I enjoyed meeting a completely new network of people and returning to formal learning.

Kate Woods completed the MA in Career Development and Coaching Studies with CLL in 2016 and is now a Careers Consultant at King’s College London.  Below she reflects on her experience of studying with CLL and shares her top tips for current students.

From a practical perspective, I chose the Warwick course because I could study on a module by module basis around my other commitments. I only intended to do a PG certificate but got pulled along by the enjoyment of learning and satisfaction at succeeding. The University’s reputation was also a major factor in my decision to study there. I’d say to anyone considering applying, just start with a module – you can always stop after one or after three with a PG Cert. You might surprise yourself!

My best memory of studying at Warwick was working with the tutors. Having two days away to focus on the module content. Realising that I could return to academic work after a long time away and succeed: I was so proud to attend graduation. I also enjoyed meeting a completely new network of people, returning to formal learning.  The structure of the modules with 2 days intensive teaching with follow up written assignments and forum based activities was ideal for me. Studying a new (to me) area of academic study. The teaching was excellent as the tutors modelled different teaching styles and examples – many of which I have used in my current work.

Before the MA, I studied Economics and Accountancy at university.  After completing my BSc, I found my way into the film and television industry and had a successful career as a documentary producer and director. Having taken a career break to be with my family, I found that careers work used many of the same skills and this lead to me wanting to study the subject in order to progress in the field.

Currently I work with students of King’s Business School at King’s College London. Seeing students for 1-2-1 appointments, delivering careers workshops, running career events, negotiating the careers agenda within my institution and collaborating with academic colleagues to support our students. If I was asked what a typical day was like in my job, I’d say there is nothing typical! It’s a truly varied job which is the main reason why I like it so much. (The only challenging aspect to the job is balancing resources and demand. Enabling change in HE can be a slow process)

My MA definitely helped me think about how to approach the careers advice area of work. Through the course I had already become familiar with aspects of the work and had tools and methods that I could draw on. Hugely beneficial, it’s really intellectually satisfying to have the theory behind all my practice.

Finally, my one piece of employment- related advice for students would be….

Volunteer to get a taste of what it might be like to work in this field – I volunteered at a local FE college to gain some insights before I took the course!


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