You are never too old to study

I had not studied for over 40 years and hardly read a book either. I am lucky to be retired and have had the time to consider doing something completely different. My background has always been in Banking and Finance. I approached CLL who were exceptionally helpful and gave me the confidence to apply. In addition to my career, I had been actively involved with various voluntary organisations which helped with my application.

Studying at Warwick was life changing for me, I started a part-time social studies degree, with so much to learn and to take in along with understanding critical thinking and how to write critically. However the support I had from CLL, the tutors and the facilities that are at Warwick helped me start my studies. Challenging yes, my tutors said to me read, read, and read, they were not wrong. In addition, the library is an exceptional resource whether studying in the library or at home with their online facilities. I ensured I still had fun and planned my time to enable me to continue with some of my voluntary roles.

What have I enjoyed is the research and actually understanding the aims and contents of a module.  It does require hardwork and time but with the help and support from CLL, planning my time to study around a social life, I am proud, in fact very proud to say that my grades were of a very high standard.

Most importantly, age is no barrier as I started at Warwick at the age of 62!

This blog was written by Graham Ricketts, a current student on our part-time Social Studies degree.

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