How and why I got into coaching

I’m passionate about coaching. I was coached for the first time nearly 20 years ago when I was in corporate life. The coaching was the best thing that ever happened to me and this started me on my coaching journey which continues today with as much enthusiasm as ever. I became a qualified coach, worked as a leadership consultant and executive coach for ten years and I now teach coaching and run the coaching courses at Warwick with a team of coaches who will share their experience and knowledge with you. Coaching has the power to change people’s lives and over the years I have been humbled by the transformations that I have seem. People become more confident, fulfilled, motivated and more effective. It is the most powerful personal development tool, with a vast range of applications, in corporate life, in schools, in healthcare, in the voluntary sector, and when working with private individuals. 

There are many definitions of coaching, but the most powerful is from the coaching pioneer and author of Coaching for Performance, Sir John Whitmore, “Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” This is very much the approach we take for the Warwick coaching courses. The courses follow a group-coaching approach, modelling coaching behaviours throughout, helping you unlock your coaching potential and maximize your own performance, in which ever way you define it. “It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”, so there is a focus on creating independence of thought, so this change will be sustained for a lifetime. 

I hope this inspires you to start your coaching journey, and feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more. 

This blog was written by Ian Day, Senior Teaching Fellow (Coaching Programmes)

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