My academic journey so far has been inspiring and breath taking to say the least.

Carly Gilbert is currently in her third year on the Foundation Degree in Early Childhood at our partner College, North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College. Here she shares her experience of being a student on the degree.

Previously as a Young Carer, did I ever imagine I would be where I am currently- sitting at my desk researching for my dissertation proposal? No. When I was younger, did I aspire to go to university to gain a career working with children and their families? Yes. Now, 15 years on I am at a very different point within my life. Proving that if you aspire, dreams really do come true!

The initial stage of starting university hand on heart was daunting (I am not going to lie). However, we were advised ‘to take one day at a time’. To this day, this comment has remained with me in to my third year, within my professional role, as well as within my personal life. My academic journey so far has been inspiring and breath taking to say the least. Not only have I gained ever lasting friendships I have additionally been highly driven with the encouragement and support provided by the Foundation Degree in Early Childhood lecturers, the student well-being support team, as well as the influential guest speakers.

The Foundation Degree in Early Childhood has aided me in acquiring the utmost and current knowledge delivered effectively and efficiently by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals within the field of Early Childhood. There is no sense of a hierarchy and the course content is well prepared, very in depth and modules are explained and delivered to a high class standard. In addition, the learning environment at both sites are supportive and engaging which allows tutors and students to participate and collaborate. In doing so this has not only developed my individual skills but that too of sharing ideas and gaining new perspectives, aiding contribution to the early years field.

Dreams really do come true!

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