Mindfulness – Getting the benefits of present-centred awareness

Mindfulness involves us being as fully present and aware of our current experience as possible.  With our attention focussed upon each emerging moment of our experience there is less room for the mind to wander, worry, catastrophise or procrastinate. Since the development of Mindfulness as a distinct field in 1979, research has found that there are foundational “in-the-moment” and meditative techniques that grow in us the ability to be mindful in any situation.  These include being aware of now, mindful breathing, the Body Scan and techniques that allow us to declutter the mind, navigate unwanted thoughts and even clear the mind.

All of our mindfulness courses are based upon the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme model but are tailored to different purposes.  The Mindfulness for Everyday Living short course provides an introduction to the theory, evidence, techniques and contemporary issues in mindfulness.  This is currently offered in an online format.  Cultivating Mindfulness is a termly experiential-based course for those with previous experience in mindfulness.  

Each person’s journey with mindfulness is unique and it is a holistic approach in which you can focus upon health, wellbeing, performance, personal development and/or spiritual dimensions.   With a dual focus upon helping to navigate difficult experiences and engaging more in positive ones, mindfulness offers an evidence-based approach aimed at bringing greater balance to our everyday lives. 

This piece was written by Dr Dean Howes, who teaches all of our Mindfulness Short Courses. Find out more about our mindfulness courses starting this October.  

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