My journey from the Introduction to Counselling course to the part-time Counselling degree

Giles Yeomans is a second year counselling student, who completed our Introduction to Counselling course and then chose to apply for the four year part-time degree. Hear what inspired him to continue his CLL journey…

The Introduction to Counselling course at Warwick helped inform my decision to start a degree course in Counselling.

I was coming from a technology-based career and many years had passed since I had been in a learning environment. I had found myself drawn to Counselling, but given my situation was unsure where to begin. For me, the introductory course answered my question. It provided me with an opportunity to gain an insight of what may lie ahead in terms of content and the learning experience, to test the waters before diving in. The course content was highly informative and ignited a desire in me to learn more, and although challenging at times, I felt supported throughout. The experience gave me a greater confidence and prepared me for the next stage of my learning on the degree course.

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