Final year study during a worldwide pandemic.

Hear from Kat Blackford, who is in her final year of the 2+2 degree, on how she has found studying during Covid-19…

The new academic year came round quickly once my children went back to school after their six month break. The reality of studying at home for my final year felt daunting and overwhelming to say the least. Yet I have never felt more focused and supported by family, peers and lecturers. Protecting time each week to prepare for online lectures wondering if my plans would be interrupted by a bout of self isolation from one of the children has been anxiety raising. But here I am, the first term of my final year complete, the 2nd chapter of my dissertation being written, lots of focus for January deadlines and procrastination a thing of the past. 

The prospect of getting a graduation ceremony in summer 2021 is looking gloomy, no cape, no gown and no Facebook profile picture of my success, however, the world will still become my oyster and the next stage of my dreams can continue! 

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