Application Tips for our Part –time Undergraduate courses

Here at the Centre we aim to offer our students as much flexibility as possible through the delivery of our part time courses. This can enable you to take study at your own pace whilst still attending to other home/work life commitments.

Here our Admissions Team have shared some application tips and FAQs which will hopefully help you in deciding what course will work best for you and aid you in making an application.

We offer undergraduate part-time degree programmes in the following subjects:

You can find each individual course page when you click on the subject you are interested in above.


  • There are no formal qualifications needed for our part-time degrees as we consider non-traditional qualifications, work and life experience. *With the exception of French Studies which requires an equivalent to A-level French.
  • At the Centre we offer a FREE Gateway to Higher Education course. It will not be compulsory to take this course to gain entry onto our part-time degree programmes but you may find it beneficial as it is a great way to ease into Higher Education and gain some extra skills. You can find further details on our Gateway course here:


  • As part of your application, you will be asked to submit a personal statement. This is the part to tell the reader all about yourself! We advise for you to express your reasons for wanting to study. A willingness and motivation to study is what the Course Team will mostly be looking for so don’t panic or feel you need to be an expert in your chosen subject! We would recommend an A4 page.
  • If you do hold any qualifications please include these in your application as this will strengthen it. We would also encourage you to have copies of any certificates ready to upload. These can either be scanned or photographed copies.
  • You will be asked to provide references. You do not need to have your references at the point of making an application however you will need to have your referees’ names so we recommend asking your referees if they are content in providing a reference beforehand. You can find more information on choosing a referee here:
  • A frequently asked question we receive is what to enter in the ‘funding’ area of the application. If you are intending to have your fees covered by Student Finance England, we would ask you to choose ‘self- funded’ in this section.
  • You will make an application through an Application Portal offering you a more relaxed environment when making an application. The portal will allow you to save the application form as you go meaning you can go in and out before submitting it.


  • As an example, based on two modules in a term, on site attendance may be 2-3 days a week with a morning and afternoon lecture or seminar. Depending on the subject you are studying this will vary.
  • You can study between one and three 30 credit modules per year. You can expect to commit to around 10 hours a week for each module you take, which includes contact time and independent study. Based on two modules a year you could complete the degree in 6 years.
  • Credits you can study per year: A maximum of 90 credits       
  • Length of study: Variable (between 4 and 8 years)
  • Tuition fee: £1540 per 30 credit module for entry year 21/22

You may find it interesting to read some of our Student Stories which can give you an insight into student life here at Warwick. You can find them here:

We hope these notes have helped you in making an application for one of our part-time degrees and please remember not to panic when making an application! Try and work on it in a relaxed setting and go over it before submitting it. Ask your friends and family to go over it with you or feel free to contact us within the Admission’s Team if you need any guidance on making your application or whether you have any other questions relating to a course. You can contact us at or you can call us on 02476 524617. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to receiving an application from you!

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