I love it when I am speaking to students and I can identify how applying a career theory can inform the way that I work with them.

Mari Price, past student on the Career Education, Information and Guidance in Higher Education course, reflects on her CLL journey…

I had been working for Bangor University as an Employability Award Coordinator for a few years, when we faced a restructure which meant that my role changed to involve a lot more delivery of employability sessions within academic programmes. It felt like the perfect time to enrol on the CEIGHE course in order to develop my skills and knowledge, and to be able to offer career guidance appointments to students. I have since been appointed as an Employability Adviser, and I am thoroughly enjoying the work.

The course has been so beneficial to me. I feel as though I have grown and developed so much as an adviser over the course of the different modules, and my confidence in understanding the career theories grew with each assignment I wrote. It was a rewarding moment when I realised that I didn’t always have to refer back to my career theories key concepts document every time I needed to write about a particular theory. I also love it when I am speaking to students and I can identify how applying a career theory can inform the way that I work with them.

My dissertation topic was based around the career motivations of Welsh speaking students at my institution, and it involved surveying groups of students as well as some face to face interviewing. I really enjoyed the process and found the support from my dissertation supervisor to be invaluable in terms of learning how to explain my ideas and thoughts within an academic context. The outcomes of my research informed some of our work as a careers service, so that felt hugely rewarding.

I took a very flexible approach to completing my CEIGHE MA, so it took 5 years in total (with a maternity leave thrown in the middle). I enjoyed this approach as it was easy to manage my work/life/study balance, and I really enjoyed meeting people from other Universities at the residentials.  

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