Researching the factors influencing the provision of care services to palliative patients and their families

Michael Adcock began the full-time social studies degree in 2018 and is due to finish his studies with us this summer. We caught up with him recently to hear more about his choice of dissertation topic….

I am in my final year of my social studies BA course, majoring in health and social policy. For my dissertation I chose to examine factors influencing the provision of care services to palliative patients and their families, mainly because I work in this field and have a keen interest in it.

This course has helped me understand how policy making is influenced by decisions based on research material and I feel privileged to be able to contribute to the information available in this area after identifying a gap in existing research.

This course has allowed me to choose a range of subjects from various faculties across the university. By having this flexibility, I have been able to focus my learning on areas I am interested in which has kept me motivated. I have chosen some modules that have challenged me to think outside of the box and consider how I can make an impact on the real world. My research project is just one example of how I am extending my learning beyond the boundaries of this institution and potentially helping to transform society in a positive way.  

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