I now teach at the college where my 2+2 journey began…

Since graduating with a degree in Social Studies in 2018 I have never stopped learning! I decided to study for a Post Graduate Diploma in Education to teach in the Further Education sector, which I completed in 2019. While I was studying for the PGDE I also worked with the University’s wonderful, patient, Moodle team, which gave me some really useful experience, as I now use this Virtual Learning Platform on a daily basis. 

When I completed this course I started work at my local college, the one where I began my 2+2 journey and I now teach students studying on level 3, 4, 5 and 6 courses, as required. My main role is currently as a level 3 Health and Social Care lecturer. I teach the ‘ologies’ mostly. I also teach adults psychology on the Access to HE course. The role is very varied!

I am finishing off my masters’ degree in Educational Innovation, with the Educational Studies department of the University and hope that I will be able to expand my teaching on some of the HE courses that the college run.

This last eighteen months have been challenging as a teacher. The students I have taught have shown resilience and we have worked together to make their learning experience a good one. The platforms for providing digital learning has grown exponentially.  Whilst not forgetting the personal losses experienced by so many and hoping that we will soon have some kind of normality in our lives, this is a potentially exciting time to offer flexibility for how and where we learn, and I feel privileged to be in the profession I am at this time. 

I thank University of Warwick’s Centre for Lifelong-Learning for giving myself and others (including family members) the opportunity to achieve our potential and our dreams because without this I would still be just dreaming.

About the author

This blog was written by Sue Adcock who completed the 2+2 degree in 2018.

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