The Gateway way

How quickly can you fold a paper aeroplane?

Would you go quicker if you had a partner who did half the folds?

How about if you were with a team and did just one fold?

Would you go faster if the person next to you put you under pressure or would that make you resent them?

This is a little experiment we try out on Gateway when we look at the world of work. Gateway works this way, taking something familiar like work or food and then trying to look at it from a new angle. With work we are testing if mass production really does make things faster, and therefore, cheaper.

Most weeks on Gateway are like this, take something familiar, explore some interesting perspectives and try it out practically.

About the author:

Steve Gascoigne

Assistant Professor, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick

This is the Gateway way of learning and re-examining the world through the Social Science lenses. Interested in joining? Check out the 20-week free short course where you can learn about topics such as community, early childhood, media, food, immigration through activities.

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